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KIRA Robot cameras artificial intelligence film 3

Filmmaking, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

AI & filmmaking AI, automation and robots are all now entering the world of creating and editing films and videos. The first subtle signs of this can be seen in the iPhone through the “Memories” feature in the Photos app....

/ August 12, 2018
Best Documentaries films Artificial Intelligence machine learning

The Best Documentaries & Short Films On Artificial Intelligence & Creativity

Below is an overview of the most interesting documentaries and short films on creativity, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Documentary films on artificial intelligence can sometimes be illuminating, scary, and exciting. The list below covers all of those while painting...

/ July 21, 2018
Chevrolet The Human Race Arraiy

Behind the Scenes: Chevrolet ‘The Human Race’ Short Film

Arraiy is a computer vision and machine learning platform specifically designed for film and television effects. Below is a behind the scenes look at Arraiy in action. This is a solid look at the future of real-time visual effects that...

/ July 9, 2018