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News: The Future Of Accessible AI Design Tools

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are so difficult to understand, only a few very smart computer scientists know how to build them. But the designers of a new tool have a big ambition: to create the Javascript for AI.

/ August 14, 2018
News - Google's 7 Artificial Intelligence Ethics Principles

News: Google’s 7 Artificial Intelligence Ethics Principles

Google acknowledges that powerful technology like AI raises equally powerful questions about its use. As a leader in AI, Google says they feel a deep responsibility to get this right that’s why they have announced seven principles that will guide...

/ August 10, 2018

News: Human Centered Machine Learning

Seven points to help designers navigate the new terrain of designing ML-driven products. Born out of work done with UX and AI teams at Google these points will help you put the user first, iterate quickly, and understand the unique...

/ July 24, 2018
News - Rethinking Design Tools in the Age of Machine Learning

News: Rethinking Design Tools in the Age of Machine Learning

This article argues that we are not competing with things like AI instead we are using them to extend our reach. The article talks about the opportunities there are to simplify design tools without taking creative control away from the...

/ March 8, 2018