News - Google's 7 Artificial Intelligence Ethics Principles

News: Google’s 7 Artificial Intelligence Ethics Principles

Google acknowledges that powerful technology like AI raises equally powerful questions about its use. As a leader in AI, Google says they feel a deep responsibility to get this right that’s why they have announced seven principles that will guide...

/ August 10, 2018
the best top artificial intelligence machine learning podcasts

The Best Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Podcasts For Creatives

My list of the best artificial intelligence and machine learning podcasts to listen to while on the go. If you want to learn more about artificial intelligence and machine learning and stay up to date on the latest AI news,...

/ August 6, 2018
what is Artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning guide

The Creatives’ Guide To Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning

What is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial intelligence, also known as AI, are algorithms that simulate intelligence and the way humans think by performing tasks related to reasoning, problem-solving, learning, planning, and understanding language. Whether or not you realize it, chances are...

/ July 26, 2018
ai as a creative assistant, production designer, content creator

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning As Assistants to Designers

AI as an assistant to designers “We shape our tools and, thereafter, our tools shape us” –John Culkin Popular digital tools like those included in Adobe’s Creative Cloud have radically shaped how designers work, requiring them to work for hours...

/ July 25, 2018

News: Human Centered Machine Learning

Seven points to help designers navigate the new terrain of designing ML-driven products. Born out of work done with UX and AI teams at Google these points will help you put the user first, iterate quickly, and understand the unique...

/ July 24, 2018

Future Skills Graphic Designers Should Cultivate In A World Powered By Artificial Intelligence

News of artificial intelligence (AI) and its disruptive role on all industries should force graphic designers to reimagine how they work and to consider what skills will be necessary to thrive in the future. While AI will not render a...

/ July 23, 2018