Are you curious to learn more about what people are doing when you mix creativity with artificial intelligence and machine learning?

Then check out this list of people who are doing interesting work in these fields. Twitter is hands down one of the best ways to see what these brilliant minds are up to, who they are following and what they are looking at. So in no particular order, check out a list of people that I think are doing some of the most interesting work using creativity and machines.

Mario Klingemann (@quasimondo)

Mario is an artist, coder, data collector that is fascinated by computational art powered by machine learning. He is currently an artist in residence @GoogleArts.


Patrick Hebron (@PatrickHebron)

Patrick is currently designing AI & ML creative tools Adobe. He is also the author of the Machine Learning for Designers.


Cris Valenzuela (@c_valenzuelab)

Cristóbal is a technologist, artist and software developer interested in the intersection between machine learning and creative tools. He also wrote an app that enables users to easily run, build and train machine learning models using a simple visual interface without writing code.


Alex Mordvintsev (@zzznah)

Alexander is researcher and artist that’s working at Google Research on Deep Neural Network visualization, interpretation and understanding.


Luba Elliott (@elluba)

Luba is a curator, artist and researcher specializing in artificial intelligence in the creative industries. She is currently working to educate and engage the broader public about the latest developments in creative AI through monthly meet-ups, talks and tech demonstrations.


Andreas Refsgaard (@AndreasRef)

Andreas is an interaction designer and creative coder, who posts about his artistic explorations using machine learning.


Janelle Shane (@JanelleCShane)

Janelle is a research scientist who shares lots of her creative and entertaining neural networks experiments with her followers.


Josh Lovejoy (@jdlovejoy)

Josh is a designer that is doing a lot of thinking and writing about having a human-centered approach to machine learning. He’s currently a design manager at Microsoft and was formerly at Google and Amazon.


Anna Ridler (@annaridler)

Anna is an artist and researcher who shares about her experiments using machine learning to draw and paint.


hardmaru (@hardmaru

I haven’t been able to find out much about @hardmaru but we know Hardmaru is a research scientist at Google Brain Tokyo who is teaching robots how to draw.


Robbie Barrat (@DrBeef_)

Robbie is currently working in a research lab at Stanford where he does interesting art experiments with AI.


ml4a (@ml4a_)

ml4a is a resource devoted to machine learning for artists. The website contains a collection of free educational tools to tinker with and they are always sharing fascinating projects from their network of artists and coders.



Your thoughts?

Do you follow any of these accounts already? If so leave a comment letting us know which ones. Did I miss anything? If you think there is a great account I need to include in this list please let us know by leaving a comment down below!



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Posted by Dirk Dallas

Dirk Dallas holds an M.F.A in Graphic Design and Visual Experience from Savannah College of Art and Design. In addition to being a designer, he is also a writer, speaker, educator & the founder of CreativeFuture & From Where I Drone. See what he is up to over on Twitter via @dirka.

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