One of Google’s AI web experiments called Quick, Draw! gives users a prompt to draw an image with the mouse and within 20 seconds Google’s neural network tries to identify what the user is drawing. It’s a pretty fascinating look at how AI can learn over time in areas like image recognition.

google quick draw

A prompt I found curious to draw was when the AI said draw “bat”. I immediately thought of a baseball bat but wasn’t sure if it meant a bat as in the flying blood-sucking creature. I started to draw a baseball bat anyway since that was the first thing I thought of and because of the ticking :20 second countdown timer. The AI impressively understood my drawing after only 7 seconds and guess what I was drawing correctly a “baseball bat”.

google quick draw

Google clearly wants to show off it’s AI technology while creating a creative play space for those who want to explore AI’s potential. So be sure to try out Google’s Quick, Draw! and then take a look at some of the other Google-powered AI experiments on their Experiments with Google website.

Learn more about the tech before this technology here.


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